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In addition to parameter, which defines the variables for a part, you can also use variable. A variable is only used inside a part and are not exposed outside. Parameters are similar to arguments in functions in programming languages and variables are internal variables. In the object below we define a variable b to set the size of a leaf. The variable is defined by an expression that includes a random fraction function, wich can be found under the math menu. A random fraction is a number between 0 and 1 like 0.12345. The random fraction is multiplied by 5 and then 4 is added. This means that the size of the leaf, variable b will always between 4 and 9. The leaf itself is create from a sphere that is scaled 0.5 in X-direction to make it a bit flat. It is scaled in Z-direction to make it long. Another random expression is used to set a random turn around the Y-axis and Z-axis.

The Palmtop object is included in a tree. The tree consists of a number of cones that are randomly rotated a between -5 and 5 degrees. Note that every time that you generate the tree it will look a bit different.