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So far we have discussed how to make more static objects from primitives by using boolean operations, repetition and conditional statements. The basic mode provides a simple animation statements for making dynamic objects and animations. The object below shows an abstract representation of a puppet.

We can spin the puppet around the Z-axis by dragging a turn animation statement. The statements allows you to specify the angle of turn and the number of seconds in which the turn should be completed. If the turn is specified as a spin, the turning continues. For all other turning options, such as a 90 degree turn, the object is turned back after completing the turn.

We can add a second animation by moving the turning puppet along the X-axis and back. In this case, the puppet is move in 2 seconds to position 40 and then returns to the origin. The puppet keeps spinning around the Z-axis while moving.

A third animation is added which moves the moving and turning puppet in Z-direction. This simulates a jump in the air. You can change the number of seconds and other settings to modify the animation.